ODESSA, Texas–Around 2:27 on Friday afternoon, Odessa Fire Rescue got called to a structure fire that had broken out at 3840 Ogilvy Avenue, Odessa, Texas. Upon arrival to the scene, OFR identified the structure as a commercial building.

Odessa Fire Department Batallion Chief, Quentin Dobmeier says, “It was a commercial manufacturing plant that ha a forty by forty adjacent building that caught on fire.”

With quick response time and enough responders on the scene, Odessa Fire Department had no trouble containing the fire.

“It probably took us about 15 minutes to get control, but then we had to stay to make sure all the hot spots and everything was fully extinguished before we left so in total we was probably there 2 hours maybe,” says Dobmeier.

Fortunately enough, no one involved in the fire and no firemen on the scene were severely injured in the process.

Dobmeier goes on to say, “Thank God nobody was injured or hurt in this and you know, property can be replaced but people can’t.”

Now while the fire was contained, the building will need some reconstruction. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.