ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – George Martinez says he’s warning friends, neighbors, and anyone who will listen to keep an eye on their front porches and deliveries, after a pirate with a DoorDash bag stole a package from his Odessa home.

Security camera images show the reported thief, DoorDash bag in hand, approaching the home and putting the stolen property into the DoorDash bag.

George says after spreading the word about the crook on the NextDoor app, he learned that other nearby Odessans have been victims of this pirate as well.

“The street next door, he did the same thing. She has him on video. He gets the DoorDash bag, he pulls out an empty package from FedEx, he delivers the empty package and then gets her package in the DoorDash bag,” said George.

And while this porch pirate may be clever while sailing the streets of Odessa, that doesn’t appear to be the case online. George says that by talking to other local victims through the NextDoor app, the thief’s identity has been discovered and that information has been relayed to the Odessa Police Department.

“He’s actually using his step-dad’s DoorDash account. So he actually came next door to my neighbor and delivered her food from DoorDash, and then he passed by through here,” said George.