Odessa Police Department urges Labor Day safety precautions


ODESSA, Texas- Labor Day weekend means more travelers on the road and a heavier police presence.

The Odessa Police Department is looking to limit any drunk driving, underage drinking, or accidents here in the Basin.

The holiday weekend means more social gatherings potentially involving alcohol. Combine that with more drivers on the road this weekend, and you get more potentially dangerous situations.

“You see a lot more drunken driving, just distracted driving people get in a hurry to get to wherever they’re trying to go,” said Corporal Chris Adams from the Odessa Police Department.

Odessa Police is taking steps to prevent intoxicated drivers. They’ll be strategically patrolling certain areas where they know there will be drinking.

“We’re doing a lot more as far as around closing time around of the bars just making sure everybody’s doing the right thing,” said Cpl. Adams.

“You’re going to see a lot more proactive policing when it comes to officer presence in the area of the bars. Just making sure people aren’t passed out behind the wheel or just making that bad decision to go drink and drive.”

Police are asking those who do drink to make a plan.

“If you’re going to drink make sure you do it responsibly,” said Cpl. Adams. “Get you a ride, call a friend, call an Uber. There’s so many other options than go out there and get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated.”

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, troopers issued over 71,000 citations and warnings last Labor Day weekend. Drivers should continue to follow the traffic laws in order to avoid accidents and potentially tickets.

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