Odessa neighborhood upset over car vandalisms


ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2/FOX 24) – Police say someone used a BB gun to shoot out car windows in one Odessa neighborhood. People who live on Desert Ave. say their street is usually quiet, but now they are having to watch out for each other’s property.

“You can see the actual hole that was there and this was just popped out and there you can see all on the ground,” said Javier Samaniego, a neighborhood resident.

Samaniego woke up to a shocking scene on Wednesday morning. Someone had shot the windows of his car with a BB gun. After calling police, he found out he wasn’t the only one.

“In the morning I called them and they came over,” said Samaniego, ” he said I was actually the sixth person that called already and it was barely like 6:30 A.M.”

His neighbor, Breven Young, hopes the vandals are caught soon.

“Yeah it worries us, you know, someone driving around doing that,” Young said. “You know, they could have missed, they could’ve hit my daughter’s window, so it’s kind of a big deal for us. I’ll definitely get my camera set up tonight.”

Young is also part of a neighborhood Facebook group. He says there were at least 15 cars that were damaged in the Lawndale area. He has some tough words for those who are responsible.

“Just grow up. I mean you are endangering people and property. Other than that I would say just don’t let me catch you,” Young said.

As for Samaniego, he’s upset he and others have to pay money to get their vehicles fixed.

“That’s money spent or wasted that we could have used for something else. Especially, if you don’t have insurance. It costs a lot more,” said Samaniego.

This vandalism spree is under investigation. If you have any information call Odessa Police.

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