Odessa neighborhood concerned of speeding drivers


ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – People living in a local neighborhood are fed up, they say drivers are constantly speeding down their street. Police responded to a hit and run early Wednesday morning along Holiday Dr. in North Odessa.

Jesus Maynez and his neighbors say they heard a loud bang at around midnight but they didn’t think anything of it.

“We all thought it was a thunderstorm and when I woke up it was just a mess of debris of another vehicle here and my truck did take damage,” Maynez said.

Police told Maynez someone hit his truck that was parked outside then took off. But Maynez says this accident is just one part of a bigger problem along Holiday Dr.

“Since living here I’ve seen people just speeding through on the streets.” Maynez said.

Other neighbors say there have been other accidents involving speeding cars.

“Me and my neighbor were outside one day and my dog went to rub across the street and a truck came and plowed her over, saId Kathryn Hadorn, “Right in front of us it didn’t stop or nothing.”‘

Hadorn has lived along Holiday Dr. for the last two years. She says near by road construction has caused more traffic to come through her neighborhood.

“It’s causing a huge huge problem and I don’t think they understand the problem that it’s causing,” Hadorn said.

Hadorn says she’s seen cars drive through her street as fast 50 miles per hour and she’s urging drivers to just slow down.

“Please be cautious when you are going down these residential there are kids, there’s animals, there’s vehicles,” Hadorn said.

As for Maynez he’s just glad this accident wasn’t much worse.

“There was no life or nothing at my risk or nothing like that my thing is just a material thing, Maynaez said.” “If it was a life it would be a different story.”

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