Odessa Marriott faces labor shortages


The halls may look empty at the Odessa Marriott, but don’t let that fool you.

As statewide supply chain shortages continue, the hotel continues thriving.

“It’s been extremely difficult given then global circumstances it has changed hospitality,” says Food and Beverage Manager Alysa Batson.

Managers like Batson also says it’s a job people do out of passion.

“It’s a hard industry to work in … it’s exhausting,” she says. “From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave … even though we it because we love it.”

Many hospitality workers nationwide lost their jobs during the pandemic.

It was a chance for many to choose a different path.

“How we live has changed, how was eat has changed [and] our servers that were here delivering to your table are now driving cars,” Batson shares. “[Now they] are delivering packages as opposed to food and hospitality.”

According to Batson. the Odessa Marriott needs to increase its workforce by 50 percent.

Either way, employees are making it work.

Batson says, “the demand is still there, people are starting to travel again and coming up to see their families.”

Hotel stays at the hotel have nearly doubled since September.

“We have a lot of bookings for our holiday season [and] it is really busy and our event space is full, people are coming.” says Batson.

And that means, many plates of food to serve.

“We do go through things where we will be shorted half an order, like we won’t get any dairy or protein products,” she says. “[But] we figure out ways around it.”

Batson says it’s a struggle at times.

With less staff on the property, people have the same expectations they had pre-pandemic.

Even though, the labor and food shortage has caused some hiccups, the hotel has kept busy in the kitchen.

The hotel is preparing to serve more than 3,000 meals for the holiday season.

We also take you behind the scenes and show you how it all comes together.

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