ODESSAA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – An Odessa man is in shambles after he said he was held up in his home and his stuff was stolen.

Jeff Doty said he was held up in his home on Beechwood Street during a three hour home invasion last weekend. He said the suspects left with several of his things and now he wants his stuff back.

“I just keep seeing the person coming rushing in. It was like someone coming and pulling a prank, you know that’s the first thing going through your mind,” said a distraught Doty.

He said he entered his home after work Saturday, when he was attacked and tied down in his bed throughout the duration of the home invasion.

He said the suspects took almost everything to his name.

“They wound up taping me to one of my beds in my spare bedroom while they took everything out of the house that was of value and loaded everything in my truck,” added Doty.

Doty said the suspects left, and after he was eventually able to rip his way free, he then went immediately to his neighbors house for help. Later, he informed his close friend, he didn’t feel safe in his own home anymore.

“I try to help him keep the house nice, you know, and to come in and see somebody just trash it in a matter of a few hours, that just kind of hurts, what are you supposed to think? I don’t like people that think that way, cause it’s not okay,” added a frustrated friend of Doty, Nicholas Gscheidle.

Gscheidle sad Doty is on an oxygen tank and his truck was his easy means of transportation, with it gone, his daily life has become extremely difficult.

“I’d like it if they returned his truck. He’s on oxygen, it’s hard to control a bike, you know, he gets out of breath easily, if they give him back his truck he can at least get groceries,” worried Gscheidle.

Now Jeff hopes people see this story and become more aware of their surroundings, but for now, he just wants his belongings back.

“I hope they get caught and they will be prosecuted. Just, everybody needs to be aware of their surroundings, and something that’s odd when you come back home from being out, you know,” said Doty.

OPD said this case is still currently under investigation, and as of now they have not confirmed with us that the suspects have been caught or not.