ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- An Odessa man was arrested earlier this week after investigators said he was allegedly tied to two separate shootings in September. Christian Organ, 20, has been charged with Deadly Conduct, and with discharging a firearm within the City limits. 

According to an affidavit, on September 11, officers with the Odessa Police Department were called to a gas station on 8th Street after someone called 911 and reported that shots had been fired during a fight between a large group of people in the parking lot. When investigators arrived on the scene, the group involved in the fight had run away but officers did find four 9mm shell casings as evidence. 

Surveillance video from the incident showed a man in a yellow shirt pull out a gun and fire one shot into the air before walking out of the camera’s view. Video from inside the gas station showed the same man and this time, investigators were able to see the suspect’s face; he was later identified as Organ. 

On September 12, OPD officers were called to the 700 block of Snyder Street to investigate a drive-by shooting. A witness at the scene said a man in back seat of a marroon Dodge Charger fired three to five shots out the window before the driver of that car left the scene. Investigators reportedly connected more 9mm shell casings from that scene and said they matched the casings collected at the scene of the gas stating shooting from the prior day.

Using doorbell video obtained from the area, officers identified the driver of the Charger as a known drug dealer who is known to associate with Organ. That driver, identified as Damion Villarreal, was later arrested; he was found with a large quantity of narcotics and multiple firearms.

Investigators said Villarreal admitted to driving the maroon Charger and said Organ was in the back seat of the vehicle when he saw a black Dodge Charger and asked Villarreal to follow- Villarreal refused and said that Organ accused the occupants of the other vehicle of “jumping” him at the gas station the day before. Organ then reportedly fired several shots out of the window, Villarreal said. He then said Organ later apologized for the shooting.

Organ was arrested on a warrant on November 1. He remained in custody as of Thursday on a combined $30,000 bond.