ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – One homeowner on Conley Avenue in Odessa, said Friday morning she came to find graffiti on the side of their building. She covered it immediately that day only to see more graffiti two days later in the same spot.

“Some people also mentioned that there were similar artwork on their fence lines, or on their sides of their houses,” said Odessa homeowner Cristie Westfall.

Two days later after covering up the first vandalism, Westfall said she found more, and turns out she said she wasn’t the only one in the nearby community.

“Now I kind of joked around, I said what happens if they come back? They see that it’s gone, their gonna come back, and they’re gonna paint again, and sure enough that evening, it happened,” joked Westfall.

Westfall said she has cameras on her property that she believes caught the suspects but says she now needed to invest in cameras for the back alley of her property as well. She even placed a sign on the side of the building asking them not to graffiti, and instead she came out in the morning and saw they had painted on that sign itself.

“We don’t have footage of the alleyway right here specifically, but more so on our southside of the house, and now we’ve placed two cameras up here so that if it does happen again, we’ll be able to see them. Now, me being me, I wanted to, be a little nice, and leave a note, asking them politely to not paint on our garage anymore, so that’s what that is, and apparently that’s what they think about my sign.”

Westfall said she is just disappointed this happened to her property and hopes those who choose to do this, find a better place to do so.

“I was a little upset, you know, why would somebody go out of their way and mark up someone else’s property,” added Westfall.

Westfall said her and her husband have found ways to cover and scrape off the paint and only hope this doesn’t continue to happen at their home.