Odessa High Teachers Reflect On Ex-Broncho Marcus Cannon After He Won Super Bowl 51 With Patriots

ODESSA, Texas - (Local 2/Fox 24) - Almost one week ago, former Odessa High Broncho and current New England Patriots offensive lineman Marcus Cannon, provided a key block on Patriots' super-bowl winning touchdown in overtime.
"He had told me, he said, 'Ms. Garcia, one day I'm going to be famous, you just watch,' and I'm like, 'you know what Marcus, I really truly believe that, I do," said Cannon's geometry teacher at OHS, Kristina Garcia.
Garcia said he was a hard worker in the classroom, but math, wasn't one of his strong suits.
"He wasn't a very good math student, but he was diligent," Garcia said. "He did his work. I think that comes from his family. His mom is an educator too."
His high school government teacher, Anita Merrifield, was one of his biggest supporters under the Friday night lights at Ratliff Stadium.
"We used to go to the games every Friday night and of course he would be playing and he's hard to miss, certainly," Merrifield said. "He was a stand out even then because not many high school kids come close to his size."
And with that size, Cannon always picked the same seat in her classroom.
"Automatically to that corner chair in the back of the room, because he knew if he sat anywhere else, a whole slew of people wouldn't be able to see the front of the room anymore," said Merrifield.
Another one of his OHS educators, economics teacher Michael Perrin, asks his students on the first day of class, how he should remember who they are, and he still recalls Cannon's answer.
"When it came to Marcus, he said, 'well, really I'm the only 6-foot black man in the room,' and I said, 'that's a good point.'" [laughs]
Perrin also still has a PowerPoint Cannon made in his class, from a project where students created their own businesses.
"His last rule for succeeding in his business, which was a hot dog stand, was be a good citizen," Perrin said. "Now that's really pretty astonishing for an 18-year-old."
This is the second Super Bowl Cannon has won with the New England Patriots, after being drafted in the fifth round in 2011, out of TCU.

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