ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Based off last years excitement, Odessa Crime Stoppers is back with a special offer for those scorned by an ex.

What’s supposed to be a day for love is now an opportunity for Odessans to turn in their ex-valentines. Odessa Crime Stoppers announced the return of its Valentine’s Day Special looking to get the community to turn in those in the area with outstanding warrants.

Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said, “We found this last year and put it on and decided it was kind of a tongue and cheek way to get citizens to call in on fugitives.”

If you have someone in your life, like maybe an ex, with an outstanding warrant they encourage you to send them Crime Stoppers style love during the holiday.

“Valentine’s day just looked like, like I said, it’s tongue and cheek kind of fun thing to do and Ryan and I had found it and we were going ok this would be fun and he added to it,” laughed Rogers. “Added the bracelet and the meal to it to that it had a little fun twist to it and it made people laugh and want to share it and that’s what we want, for them to share that so it gets out there, you never know when one share is gonna get you to the right person.”

Ryan Kelly also with Odessa Crime Stoppers said they posted the special for the first time last year as a joke, and didn’t expect the response from the public.

“It just seemed like something fun to do that we could actually put out and get involved with people,” shrugged Kelly.

And Rogers added, “We let other crime stopper programs know that anytime we put something out there like that to use it! You know, if they want to use it in their program like we’re using in ours. And several programs picked it up.”

And that response could be seen clearly on their Facebook as people in the community commented with joyous responses like, “very thoughtful” and “how sweet”.

Crime Stoppers said this goes all year round and said to not hesitate to help make your community safer by alerting Crime Stoppers if a crime has been committed.

“It’s real important because it allows the community to get involved without actually having to put themselves out there,” emphasized Rogers. “Whether they’re afraid of retaliation or they don’t want to get involved in a court setting, they can do it that way.”

Again, if there is anyone you know who has an outstanding warrant you can call the Odessa Crime Stoppers operators, right away.

That number is 432-333-TIPS or you can go to the website at 333tips.org or use the app P3tips.