Odessa City Council; Path Could be Cleared for More Food Trucks in City Limits

Orders up in Odessa! City council members discussed Tuesday night, a possible ordinance change that would allow more of a good thing, food trucks to operate within city limits.
Food trucks have been in Odessa for a few years now, proving to be more then just a fad, which is why the city is looking to allow double the number of mobile eateries.
This is something pleasing to the ears of Curbside Bistro Co-Owner Alejandro Barrientos.
“It’s about time the city started seeing the popularity and the reach of the food trucks that are going on in the community, outside of fairs and carnivals and functions like that,” said Barrientos.
Odessa leaders discussed adjusting the food truck ordinance, to expand the number of food truck permits allowed in city limits from 25 to 50.
“It’s becoming a trend where you see people, instead of going out to eat at a certain restaurant, they go out and follow their favorite food trucks,” said Barrientos.
Over at Cliff’s Food Wagon, the orders are still piling in, and owner Cliff DeArmond said the ordinance change would benefit the city.
“As a food truck operator and also as a food truck fan, I think it’s going to be welcomed and embraced,” said DeArmond.
DeArmond said bring on more meals on wheels, as they would welcome the new competition.
“It’ll definitely bring more trucks in and we don’t feel there’s anything wrong with some healthy competition,” DeArmond said. “It keeps everybody on their game.”
Plus the demand is there, as more restaurants look to serve the curbside customer.
“We embrace the restaurant industry to have something mobile as well,” DeArmond said. “The whole benefit to these things are for the wheels to be rolling.”
No action was taken Tuesday night and nothing was officially decided, as this was the first time City Council discussed the change to the food truck ordinance.

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