ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – Some tense moments for Odessa City Council Member At-Large Denise Swanner and her family Tuesday afternoon after finding a rattlesnake right outside her home.

Swanner says her husband managed to kill it before it got into their garage.

“It wasn’t hidden, it was right out in the middle of the drive way.” Swanner said. “Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that’s why I like to post in the nextdoor app so other neighbors know to beware because all of the kids running around in the neighborhood, it worries me with these rattlesnakes.”

Swanner has found multiple rattlesnakes in all different parts of her yard.

“This is our fifth one here, last summer there was one in our swimming pool…and so our grandson was swimming in the end so you act real quickly,” Swanner said. “Thank goodness my husband was at home and was able to get it out and kill it.”

And Swanner is not the only one in her neighborhood who has run into rattlesnakes.

“Just in this neighborhood alone, I mean I have 5 at my house I know the neighbors a couple away they killed 2 or 3,” Swanner said. “They are endless of them out in this area.”

As summer approaches people are anticipating more rattlesnakes will be coming out. Swanner has a warning for her fellow Odessans.

“Pay attention when you walk, when you look down on the street, at your door I mean we’ve had them on the front porch so just be aware,” Swanner said.