PECOS, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Pecos and its surrounding communities will soon have a Police Academy to call their own. Registration has begun for the Pecos Police Academy scheduled to begin on October 3.

The application process is lengthy and it is recommended that registrants apply as soon as possible. Candidates can stop by the satellite campus in Pecos located at 1000 S. Eddy or go to the Odessa College website to get the application started. Interested parties can also reach out to William Misczak (Training Coordinator) or Chris Nickell (Academy Secretary) at 432-335-6314.

Image courtesy of the Pecos Police Department

“It just makes it easier to recruit. It makes it easier to work with students we’ve taught. We get to know their strong points and their weak points. You can learn a lot about someone from teaching them.” said Pecos Police Department Captain, Juan Vasquez.

Captain Vasquez also stated that the Pecos Police Department is looking to fill three positions that are currently vacant and that there is also a possibility that there could be more vacancies in the near future.

Misczak stated that to enroll in the program is quite simple. Applicants can go to the Law Enforcement Training Academy website where the necessary application paperwork is available on line or visit the physical location in Pecos to get the application started. Because the application is quite extensive, he suggests that applicants have all the required materials available such as driver’s license, birth certificates, documentation of any law violations. It is important to be as honest as possible in the process.

The application process is not a guarantee for work. It includes a medical and psychological exam as well as an interview with the department staff. Once that is completed, you will be notified as to whether or not you have made it into the program.

Once accepted into the program, the applicants will then be part of a 10 month, part-time academy. The schedule is from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday. Some weekends can be expected and there may also be some daytime hours that are required.

Once a candidate completes the academy, he/she is allowed to sit for the TCOLE state exam. If the candidate passes the exam, they would then be eligible to apply to any department in the State of Texas.