GARDENDALE, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Dog Rescue R Us, an organization known for helping stray animals find a forever home, is in need of some help after a crash sidelined their operations.

Operations Director Dolly Hinsz said the organization has used a bus to help transport local strays to Iowa, where they are placed with new families; that bus was totaled and now, they have no way to get local strays the help they need.

“Our bus was in an accident in Iowa, we can’t really talk about the details at the moment…the dogs are okay, the driver is ok, it was fortunate in that aspect, but the bus will have to be replaced. If we don’t have a bus to take them (the animals) then they just stay here. That keeps dogs from coming in, new dogs that need help, it keeps dogs that are already vetted and ready to go from being able to get transportation out,” Hinsz said.

Now, the group is asking for donations for the community to get them back up and running to help local dogs like “Jenny From the Block”.

“She is a dog that was abandoned on the streets of Odessa…she is just the most loving (dog) you can have, she is about a year old, and she is one of the ones that’ll be affected by the fact that we don’t make it up to our transport next week,” Hinsz said. “It’s important that we get this bus up and running so that we can administer help to all these dogs.”

If you’d like to help the organization, you’ll find a link to the fundraiser here. So far, they’ve raised about $400 out of a needed $3,000.