ODESS, Texas — Now that the New Year is almost upon us, a lot of people are starting to think about their New Years resolutions.

While most tend to love making New Years resolutions, they might not last so long and maybe that just means you need a little help. It can be hard and demanding for some to follow through with their resolutions, but some businesses are here to help you stay on track.

One popular New Year’s resolution is either to save money or get financial freedom. This is one is so common that some local businesses, like financial advisors, see a big difference in customer growth in the beginning weeks of January.

Stephen Wilson, the branch manager and a financial advisor for Raymond James Financial Services, says, “I do tend to see a little bit of a rush as a New Year’s resolution for people hoping to save and invest ad start to build some wealth.”

Wilson says that the simplest step when saving money or planning for the future might also be the easiest step to miss.

“I think one of the biggest impediments in getting a plan going and building wealth is debt. There’s too much debt. Many people have debt that makes it unmanageable and if you have more month then money, it’s hard to focus on building and saving if you don’t have enough disposable income to do so. So, part of an effective financial plan is debt management,” Wilson adds.

If you’re looking to save money this coming year, financial advisors recommend going step by step, the first step being to just talk with a financial expert.

“I would suggest that they find a competence financial planner, particularly a certified financial planner, who have a background in helping people develop financial plans,” mentions Wilson.

Now, another fairly common resolution is wanting to exercise more, and gyms tend to see the same trend in customer growth as the resolutions begin to sink in.

Brody McMurrian, a personal trainer for Payne’s Gym, says, “typically, in the New Years, I mean we get a good amount of people coming in here, especially for me, there’s a bit of a rush and I’ll be getting emails, and calls, and texts and stuff like that, potential new clients and I mean most gyms will typically get an influx of clients around this time.”

As mentioned before, not all New Year’s resolutions pan out in the long term.

McMurrian adds, “a lot of times, we get long term members, long term clients here, a little more than like the discount gyms and stuff, a lot of times you’ll get a huge rush at those places and then after a few weeks it just kind of dies off.”

Overall, simply finding the motivation and the right help, can make all the difference in accomplishing those resolutions. Don’t pressure yourself to start big either.

“Just start small, consistency is key, you don’t have to be perfect,” says McMurrian.

So, if you’re wanting to keep yourself on track this year, it’s encouraged to reach out to experts in the area if you want to get help, they can help you keep on the path to accomplish those resolutions.