ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The newly constructed Estancia Boulevard was built as a partnership between the city of Odessa and both the Compass Academy and Crossroads Church which owns the land the road was built on.

“The traffic conditions were creating an issue for the city as well as the property owners. The school was growing and so we felt it was an appropriate time to go and get the construction done,” said Thomas Kerr, Odessa’s Director of Public Works.

Drivers who take Estancia Blvd. now have another way to get to Highway 191 without clogging up nearby Faudree Road.

“By allowing another route for people to get out of the school and back down to 191, this will improve safety conditions, certainly,” said Kerr.

Parents and guardians picking up their kids Tuesday who spoke to ABC Big 2 News say that traffic surrounding Compass Academy is definitely and issue and that they’re happy to see something being done.

“I think it’s a good idea. I came here yesterday to try and pick up (my brother) and I came from 191 and I had to come all away around because it’s so crowded. And even last year, I had to take all these side roads. So I think building a new road is great to keep it from getting so crowded,” said Alexus Clanton who was at Compass Academy picking up her brother.