MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Typickle Pickles recently opened its doors in Midland and owner Tyler Brawley said the idea for his shop, full of gourmet pickles and pickled veggies, started when his friends challenged him to make a “better pickle”

“Started out in my kitchen…I was just starting a little hobby making pickles hanging out with friends…they looked alright, the pickles were okay…just using old brine and putting cucumbers in it, so they weren’t that great, and so they challenged me to make a better pickle. When I started making a better pickle- they started buying them off me. I made like a thousand bucks a night off of them so I thought maybe I should start a business with them,” he said.

The shop, located at 2409 N Big Spring Street, features a full pickle line up, including pickled asparagus, bread and butter pickles, dill pickle chips or spears, pickled green beans, pickled garlic, as well as pickled jalapenos, okra, and red onions. Brawley also offers spicy options for those who want an extra kick. He said all his items are “bursting with flavor” and are a unique way to jazz to salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

Brawley said he also plans to introduce new items in the future, such as pickled apples. All items are crafted in-house and Brawley, and his team behind the scenes, said their products are sure to bring a “new level of excitement” to your tastebuds.