New law in Texas gives police permission to seize vehicles involved in street racing


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Governor Greg Abbott signed six hundred and sixty-six laws into effect this month, one of them is House Bill 2315 also known as the ‘Street Racing Bill’.

We spoke with a local Attorney, Lane Haygood who shared what this new bill means for Texans with a need for speed.

“What this bill which was signed into law today does is adds to the list of things that are considered contraband under the law to include things seized in a street race investigation.” said, Attorney Haygood

The Street Racing Bill allows law enforcement to seize vehicles that are used in street racing offenses because they are civil asset forfeiture.

Attorney Haygood told us Wednesday, he hopes that the street racing law will increase safety on our roadways and make drivers aware of the consequences at hand.

“If the police find that you were engaging in street racing they could ask the district attorney to file a petition to take your vehicle from you…what you use to get to and from work what you use to get your kids to school or the doctor that could be seized,” says Attorney Haygood.

According to the parents of Zackrey Landry, who passed in 2014 from street racing, this new law could prevent other families to have to go through what they did.

“Once they’re gone they’re gone and that’s a piece of our heart that’s gone forever as well,” says Zackery’s father, Scott Erwin.

To honor their son and bring awareness to the dangers of street racing, the Erwins are hosting a memorial race in honor of their son Zackery at Penwell Raceway on September 24th at 6 pm.

The new law allowing vehicles to be seized with certain conditions went into effect Sept.1

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