PERMIAN BASIN (Nexstar) – The Permian Strategic Partnership and America’s Warrior Partnership are teaming up to support Veterans and their families with a new program that will serve more than 20,000 veterans. The reason behind the partnership is to establish a veteran-friendly community and provide resources like counseling, employment, and financial help for veterans.

Molly Young, the Director of Education and Workforce Development Initiatives at Permian Strategic Partnership says that this program is the first of its kind and hopes that many people partake in what the program has to offer.

“We have amazing services for veterans in the Permian Basin but they aren’t always connected or they’re going to bring what’s called the community integration program to the Permian Basin both in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico,” says Young.

Young says that the Permian Strategic Partnership is a group of oil and gas companies that have joined together to invest in the Permian Basin and through its 5 different areas of focus, this new program in conjunction with America’s Warrior Partnership will also target Veterans through the talent pipeline.

“We know that veterans make amazing employees they’re extremely loyal and talented, they come to the table with a great skillset and so we really saw the potential in doubling down on this group of people,” says Young.

In the next 6 months, Young says she hopes the organization can find an enthusiastic Veteran to lead the program for years to come and that this program is just in the beginning stages but will soon be accessible to Veterans and their families.