New heart procedures at MCH


ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – Medical Center Hospital made a big breakthrough as two physicians successfully implanted two new types of pacemakers that the hospital did not have until just a few months ago. Doctors said this is a huge win for local heart patients.

“The new device we put in, it’s called a leadless pacemaker,” said Dr.Kirit Patel.” You don’t make any incisions, there’s no leads and it gets implanted right inside the heart.”

The leadless pacemaker is one of two new pacemakers at MCH. So far, three patients have gotten it. Dr. Patel said this new technology will only get better and patients can recover faster.

“They go home the same day, right after the procedure,” Dr. Patels said. “It’s just a groin stick from the femoral vein, once we hold pressure and the bleeding stops, they can be on their feet.”

The other new pacemaker at MCH is called the ‘Watchman’ device, which helps prevents strokes.

Dr. Adam Farber, a cardiologist at MCH, said having this new technology here in the basin will benefit those who need it.

“Being able to do these and provide these procedures out here to patients that I know would not have that option in the future is a big deal,” Dr. Farber said. “Because there is a lot of patients that will not travel to Dallas or to Houston or to San Antonio to get those things done, they just won’t make that effort.”

These new pacemakers are new to everyone involved and they’ve gone through extensive training.

“It’s been a lot of people that have had to been educated and have never been exposed to these and there are a lot of physicians that have never been patients who have had these so we’re trying to increase that awareness,” Dr. Farber said.

Moving forward, local doctors hope every doctor will come together to help make sure every heart patient gets the best treatment.

“It’s about getting involved with physicians who are not employed by the hospital or have their own practices and whatnot, and really providing that tool to them, because it’s a tool for them to help their patients out is ultimately what it is, Dr. Farber said.

These new heart procedures will also be available to patients in surrounding counties.

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March 18 2021 03:00 pm