If you’re looking to immerse your child in the fine arts, The River Fine Arts Studio is a new option that provides a variety of classes.

The studio off of Big Spring Street in Midland just opened a few weeks ago, but it’s already getting rave reviews.

“We’re really excited about this dance studio,” says Midland parent Angela Zinkgars.

Dance is just one of the options for children. Other classes include art, like water color sketching and charcoal, theater, like acting and making costumes and sets, and different music classes.

“It’s a whole picture approach to the students,” says owner Lauren Knowles.

The studio is for children ranging from infants, all the way up to college students. This studio differs from others as Knowles says it’s Christian based.

“If we shape great dancers and artists that go onto Julliard and NYU, great!” says Knowles. “But at the end of the day, what we’re really concerned about is shaping people who know what they’re purpose is and what God made them to be, and they go do that.”

Classes offered are below: (From The River’s website)

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