New ECISD Superintendent signs contract


With the signing of his contract it’s official: Dr. Scott Muri will become the superintendent of ECISD on July 1.

It was just last month Muri was named the lone finalist for the position. Now Tuesday at the ECISD administration building, he answered a few question. These mainly regarded the biggest problem for the district: teacher shortages.

“Our kids, each and every one of them deserve a great teacher in the classroom. And today we are not providing that, so the opportunity tomorrow is to figure out how we will do that,” Muri said.

Muri also said partnering and learning from organizations around the community will help solve this shortage problem. This specifically with teacher retention and housing, both affected greatly by the boom and bust of the oil field.

“At the end of the day we have 33 thousand kids, that boom or bust, those kids deserve a high quality academic experience,” said Muri. “So its my opportunity as the superintendent to partner with the members of this organization and this community to figure out how we provide a high quality education for kids.”

Muri’s contract is reported to be five years.

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