As downtown Midland continues to grow, the next big development could be a new hotel.

The vacant building off of Missouri avenue at 112 S. Loraine Street could be renovated and turned into one. Right now it’s still a proposed project, but developers are optimistic it will go through.

De Palma Hotels is behind the project. We talked to their president off-camera, Brian De Palma, who says he has been in talks with the City of Midland to turn the vacant building into a Tapestry by Hilton Hotel. Right now the portfolio name for the hotel is “The Thomas”, but that could change.

The roughly $25 million project would bring 93 hotel rooms downtown. It would have a restaurant and valet parking, but De Palma says right now the snag on getting this project approved is tax abatements and other financial hold ups. 

De Palma says that if the hotel is approved, the City of Midland would get roughly $16 million in hotel occupancy tax over 30 years.

We reached out to the city but it declined to comment right now.

If it gets approved, it could help Downtown Midland’s surrounding businesses. Noah Sanchez owns Tall City Sneakers right next to the potential hotel, in one of the micro market shops.

At the age of 17, he already owns his own business and says this hotel would be big for him.

“Build it,” says Sanchez. :I mean more foot traffic for us. Good exposure to downtown, it is getting real popular down here.”

De Palma says if this project gets the green light in the coming months, renovations and construction could be completed within two years. He says he’s bullish that the project will get done.

For more on the potential hotel, check out the video above.