The Bynum school is Midland had its grand opening.

The new campus will now allow more than 130 students to enroll.

Bynum is the only public or private school in West Texas that provides year round services to students who have special needs.

Special needs students between 3 years old into adulthood can enroll at Bynum. 

Currently, the oldest student at the school is 46-years-old, so as long as they are learning they can keep attending.

At the grand opening, parents. students and teachers couldn’t stop raving about the new Bynum facility and everything that happens inside.

“I have a 14 year old son, Ethan, she started this August and it has made all the difference for him. He is becoming more social, more verbal, more active in wanting to participate in certain things. He’s opened up so much,” said Crystal Pina, Bynum Parent.

Jacob Padilla has been enrolled at Bynum for eight years and feels right at home.

“I have good teachers that look out for me and they like me to help them on fun stuff and I like to participate on all the fun things that I like to do. I’m just home, I just love it here,” said Jacob Padilla, Bynum Student.

Bynum currently enrolls 68 students and an array of disabilities. 

Faculty say the smaller classes and year round services help students grow more successfully.

“Just like you and I, we like our routine and schedule and when we get out of it it effects out behavior and it effects out attitude and it feels a little chaotic to us and we are supposedly typical people. So it makes a difference when you have a continuum of services throughout the year,” said Keri St. John, Head of School for Student Program and Services. 

“They don’t have a cut off but yeah we will come here till we feel like he is successful at what he can do, his abilities so yeah we will just keep coming,” said Pina.