Advocates say new shelter with help with growing stray animal issues

ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The new animal shelter in Odessa is one step closer to completion, and ABC Big 2 got a sneak peek at the new facility Thursday. The new and improved shelter will replace the old one and advocates said it’s a great time to replace the aging facility as stray animals continue to flood the area.

“We have a huge problem…dogs being dumped, dogs being surrendered at shelters, dogs not being spayed and neutered, dogs living in packs in south Midland and West Odessa like you’ve never seen before. We’re having a problem actually with humans and West Texas not being responsible pet owners and not doing the right thing, that is our biggest problem. We’re never going to spay and neuter our way out of it, we’re never going to able to rescue our way out of it, we’re never going to euthanize our way out of it,” said advocate Dana Tinley. 

Tinley works with the local organization Dog Rescue R Us and knows firsthand just how hard it is to find forever homes for the animals currently housed in the shelter.

Fortunately, the new shelter will be able to house double the number of animals as the current facility and will have air conditioning and space for surgeries and vet visits. But, until the new shelter is complete- as early as November, volunteers are asking families to step in and adopt amid the ongoing construction- the shelter has had to reduce the number of kennels in use as part of the construction process. 

To help, the Odessa Police Department has launched a new web where families can find photos and information about adoptable animals. You can find that webpage here