Neighbor reactions to officer-involved shooting


One man is dead after a shootout with police in North Monahans this morning. The Department of Public Safety says it all happened around 8:30 A.M. Officers received a call about 30 year-old, Rodney Lassister, firing a gun near the 300 block of North Bruce.

“I’m shaken by it all… For it to happen right here so close to home,” said neighbor and friend, Peggy Nunn.

Residents say multiple gun shots broke the silence of their peaceful neighborhood. “He said pow, pow, pow, pow, pow over here at the house, but then he took off down the alley,” said Nunn. William Smith added, “With what he had shot, and what the police had shot, between 12 and 15.”

Smith says the suspect was shot and killed on his property.

“I come out of my house and gunshots going everywhere,” explained Smith. “They had all my property with crime tape everywhere, but there was nothing I could do but stay inside.”

Nunn and Smith say Lassister was usually quiet and never seemed like a threat.

“Never. He’d come over there, need two cups of milk, I’d give him two cups of milk,” said Nunn.

“He was always a loner. He was always to himself. If he walked by, he might speak, or he might not. It made me feel bad you know, knowing who he was, and you know, somebody I known since he was a kid so… And I didn’t know he even carried a gun,” said Smith.

However, Nunn says she did start to notice a change in his behavior.

“He has been walking the last two weeks with that pistol beside him, but I didn’t think he had any bullets in it,” said Nunn.

She says this is not the first time the suspect got into trouble with law enforcement; she remembers him holding what she believed was a BB gun.

“We called the cops, and well, they came and took it away from him.”

While she understands the decision officers had to make, “He wasn’t that bad of a kid. He just needed help. Things like that shouldn’t happen to people like that.”

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