MARFA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- People have claimed to see these strange lights since the 19th century and those claims continue to this day.

The Marfa Lights, sometimes called the Marfa Mystery Lights, draw people from around the world to try and see the phenomena. 

All kinds of people have reported seeing these lights move across the horizon southeast of town, an area that is nearly uninhabited and very difficult to get across. 

These lights tend to vary in color, from red, to blue, to white, and appear throughout the night, seemingly randomly, regardless of weather or season.

While there are many reports of where these lights might be coming from or if they are friendly or not, it has also created quite the cultural effect. Every year for nearly 36 years, the city of Marfa has put on the Marfa Lights Festival in early September. These festivals often include music, food vendors, a parade, and fun for the whole family.

The official Marfa Lights viewing area is 9 miles east of Marfa on U.S. 90, towards Alpine.