U.S. Senator Ted Cruz visits Odessa and talks Interstate 14


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – On Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz announced the newly proposed legislative on Interstate-14 will run through Midland-Odessa and go all the way to Georgia.

“I’m very proud that we are able to get a big legislative win for the Permian Basin,” says Senator Cruz.

That big legislative win is the legislative Interstate-14.

“I-14 the newest interstate running from the Permian Basin all the way to the Atlantic running through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Georgia, says Senator Cruz. “It’s a big deal for West Texas and for the whole state of Texas its a big deal to be able to move goods and services.”

Senator Cruz held a press conference at the Petroleum Museum to discuss how the interstate expansion would be built and its benefits to the Permian Basin. And with this partnership with Senator Cruz the Permian Basin will be getting more roads, all because of a national infrastructure bill.

“I believe transportation dollars should go where the need is, where the traffic is and where the commerce is and it is clear what is happening in West Texas is benefiting all of Texas its benefiting the entire country,” says Senator Cruz

As a semi-truck driver for 5 years JP Singh supports this I-14 saying that it is going to help out a lot.

“Usually when we go through here, we have to face so many traffic jams or constant construction going on, and if you get caught up in it in rush hour especially in the morning its so bad,” says Singh. “I think its going to benefit the community and the highway drivers, it is going to put a huge impact into moving things around it will be a good deal and the government is doing a good job regarding that.”

This five state expansion starting from Midland-Odessa running through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia will connect military facilities to each other while also linking energy producing regions to coastal terminals and industries

“I think its wonderful, I think its going to be great that we have continued infrastructure growth to support economic growth in the region,” says Salvatore Manjione

During the press conference Senator Cruz said this new legislature would make roads across the Basin safer and motorist Billy Terry is a supporter of I-14.

“I agree with it I would appreciate it if they did that,” says Terry. “We do need it there’s a lot of traffic it may slow down on wrecks that we have up and down the highway.”

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