MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- A Midland man was arrested earlier this week after investigators said he was found yelling in the middle of a street. Officers said the man was allegedly high on methamphetamines and assaulted two officers who were trying to place him in handcuffs. Mario Hernandez-Ramirez, 34, has been charged with Resisting Arrest, Evading Arrest, Unlawful Restraint of a Peace Officer, and Assault of a Peace Officer. 

According to an affidavit, on October 10, officers with the Midland Police Department responded to a home on S Fort Worth Street after someone called 911 and said a man was walking around outside screaming. The caller told dispatch they weren’t sure what was going on but wanted police to come and check on the man. 

At the scene, investigators found the man, later identified as Hernandez-Ramirez, standing in the street pacing back and forth yelling. The first officer on the scene said he was showing signs of being under the influence of methamphetamines; he reportedly couldn’t stand still, seemed confused, and was having “split second mood swings”, and was talking excessively. When the officer approached Hernandez-Ramirez, an affidavit stated he started backing up as if he was going to run. 

The officer said he asked Hernandez-Ramirez to stop and come talk to him, but the man reportedly said “no” and continued to back away. At one point Hernandez-Ramirez got on his knees and started to yell over and over again. He then turned and asked the officer to pray with him. 

While Hernandez-Ramirez was on his knees, the officer said he approached and tried to place him in handcuffs, but the suspect jumped up and began to walk away again. Eventually, the officer was able to grab one of his hands- the officer stated that Hernandez-Ramirez then grabbed him in return. According to the officer, he was unable to break free because the suspect had such a strong grip on both of his hands. 

After a brief struggle, the officer got Hernandez-Ramirez on the ground and said that every time he tried to place the suspect in handcuffs, he became “assaultive”. The officer then used pepper spray, but that reportedly had no effect on the man. According to an affidavit, it took eight officers to get Hernandez-Ramirez in handcuffs. During the struggle, Hernandez-Ramirez also allegedly grabbed and squeezed another officer’s hand, exacerbating an existing injury and causing pain. 

Once in custody, officers took Hernandez-Ramirez to the hospital for medical clearance. Officers said that after Hernandez-Ramirez was released from the hospital he began having hallucinations while in the back of a patrol car and reportedly began talking to people who were not there. 

Hernandez-Ramirez was booked into the Midland County Detention Center where he remained as of Wednesday afternoon. His bond has been set at a combined $36,000.