MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Covid-19 played a big part for the Midland Police Department in 2020 due to more restrictions. More crimes happened in the year 2020 from Thanksgiving through New Years Day.
2022 the stats for theft decreased 20% in Midland, but the DWI rates went up 25% this holiday season. From the previous year going from 49 arrests to 68 this year.

The Midland Police Department has put into play the investigation unit to help out. Midland Police Department says that the investigator will ride around in normal vehicles and normal day-to-day clothes to catch these criminals. As soon as they find the crime, they call the police officers to step into duty.

Furthermore, recently what has helped Midland Police Officers are surveillance cameras at homes. The footage as it is sent in makes it easier for them to catch the criminals.

Midland Police Department also informs us to make sure to call them if we see a crime happening. Therefore, they can keep your community and you safe.