MIDLAND, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — We report on hit and runs constantly, but how many deadly hit and runs are still unsolved?

“We need a license plate, we need a license plate number, state too and you can call 911 or the non emergency hotline.” said Hit and Run Investigator with the Midland Police Department, Nathan Lann.

Investigator Lann said the City of Midland only has two cases of deadly hit and runs that remain unsolved.

“The first was February 5th, 2012, on the 10,000 block of State Highway 191, at around 11:30 in the evening. A scooter was eastbound on State Highway 191 when it was rear ended by an unknown vehicle.” said Investigator Lann.

Investigator Lann said the victim on that scooter was a 46 year old White man
The second unsolved deadly hit and run involved a 45 year old Hispanic man.

“The second case occurred June 18th 2010, at around 6:30 in the morning at the 2500 block of Interstate 20. A black Chevy half ton truck was exiting 1-20 on the South Service Road, where a motorcycle failed to yield right of way to that truck. The drive of the motorcycle was struck and the truck fled the scene.” said Investigator Lann.

Investigator Lann says when solving these cases, time of day plays a huge role. So does witnesses and surveillance footage.

“Weekends and holidays, also if there’s video available if its next to businesses, its pertinent. When you hit something regardless of what it is, stay on scene. We all make mistakes, that’s why we all pay insurance, even if you don’t have insurance please stay.” said Investigator Lann.

He said there are many reasons a person might run from the scene.

“Its usually they’re scared in my opinion its the little things like I don’t have a drivers license or I don’t have insurance.” said Investigator Lann.

Midland Police are open to any new tips that might help in these cases.

“Only way they’re going to be solved is if someone comes forward with any information, some pertinent information.” said Investigator Lann.

While Lann says you might not get caught for running today, the law does always catch up to you.

“It is time consuming. We might not get finished with it today or tomorrow or next week. But we get finished with it and charges are drawn up for it and people go to jail quite often.” said Investigator Lann.

Midland Police want to remind the public, and the families of these victims, that they have not forgotten about these cases, and that the search for justice continues.