The rich history of Shafter Lake in Andrews

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ANDREWS, TX. (NEXSTAR) —Shafter Lake in Andrews is a special place. It was discovered back in the 19th century by a Union Army Officer.
Colonel Shafter began his march in search of a water source in West Texas, that’s when he stumbled upon- what is now called Shafter Lake.

“Colonel Shafter was tasked with a case that was to come out to this area and find a sustainable water source for just the area to let people know that there was water out here and they can come out here and ranch and farm in the area.” said Property Owner, Chris Tom.

At its height, the small West Texas town only had 500 people living in the area, It soon went up against the town of Andrews for the county seat and lost.
That’s when most everyone moved to Andrews, not to mention a Smallpox Epidemic that wiped out much of the younger population.
But the mystery of the town and its cemetery still brings in visitors curious about the history and the ghost town stories.

“The cemetery here on the South Western part of the lake was established when the community moved in and is where they bury their dead. They have had to be relocated throughout the years because there’s been a lot of vandalism. So we’ve locked the yard to kind of protect that from from that happening again.” said Tom.

Chris Tom and his family have owned the property Shafter Lake sits on since the early 1960’s.

“From there we continue to maintain a ranching operation around the area in and to this day.” said Tom.

With an ancient grave yard, pump jacks in the middle of the water, and many other historical markers, its easy to see why people believe it to be haunted.

“I don’t know I guess that’s just been a going thing in the area and I’ve never seen anything I’ve been out here all my life, but I guess when you’re in a small place like Andrews, Texas you have to have something to talk about you know.” said Tom.

While Tom says he hasn’t seen any spirits personally, he loves that Shafter Lake is still is a topic of conversation to this day, with only two families living in the area now.

“It’s a barren area but it’s very special place for those who’ve lived there. We love it, its just different, it’s a different spot in in in the county and it’s a unique area for us to come.” said Tom.

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