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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – The Barn Door Steakhouse has been a staple in Odessa for decades. In 1972, the restaurant’s owner at the time installed an expansion.

The Pecos Depot is home to the restaurant’s bar area. It was originally built in the 1800s as a train stop in Pecos.

“It is so cool for us to actually have a piece of history that sits right here in Odessa right next to the Barn Door Steakhouse,” said the restaurant’s current owner, Roy Gillean.

After it was moved to Odessa, some patrons began to notice something odd.

“They were like, ‘Oh yeah, we can see it. It’s right there in the ticket office,'” said Gillean.

Several customers described a spirit they could sense. Some even claimed they could see it.

“A short man with a dirty hat, white shirt, khaki pants, black shoes,” said Gillean, describing reports of the ghost. “He was just kind of hanging out and watching stuff.”

Those at the Barn Door Steakhouse have named him Billy. Gillean says he’s had a few run-ins himself. Other employees have reported ashtrays scattered across the floor and the light in the ticket office flickering on and off.

“If it was dark or after-hours or something like that, I’d always talk to Billy,” said Gillean. “I’d say, ‘Hey Billy, it’s me. I’m friendly. I’m just up here working on some stuff.'”

Billy’s spirit has made the Barn Door Steakhouse a popular destination for ghost hunters.

“We had a group that stayed here until about 4:00 in the morning. The next day, when they reported to me, they said there was a lady screaming,” Gillean said. “They picked up the voice of a lady screaming, ‘Help me!’ in the ladies restroom.”

Some time ago, a member from a nearby Native American tribe offered his explanation. After spending some time on the property, he described Billy as a drifter who stayed at the depot to look for work. After not finding any, Billy had one final confrontation.

“He became disgruntled and some of the locals took him out with rifles,” said Gillean, describing Billy’s origin story. “I said, ‘Rifles? How do you know rifles?’ and he said, ‘Oh, we saw them.'”

For those interested in getting a taste of Billy’s personality, there’s a whole section on the restaurant’s menu dedicated to “Billy’s Favorites.”

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