Moss Creek Lake now open for business


Moss Creek Lake in Big Spring is open again for business.

The city announced in February it would close  for infrastructure improvements. Weeks later, a contractor company’s unattended crane crashed into the main building of the Ross McEwen Family Aquatic Center. The city announced it will be closed for Summer 2019, further limiting their options.

“I thought I was just going to have to chill in the bathtub,” said resident, Robert Pearson. 

When Ashley and Mike Deax heard both of their destinations to beat the heat were under maintenance, they were worried they would have to look elsewhere.

“We thought we weren’t going to have water all summer. We found out yesterday, and here we are today,” said Ashley Deax.

Pearson says the 400 acres of blue water holds many fond memories for him and his family. “I was born and raised out here at this lake,” explained Pearson. “We would come out here when were a kid, and this is really the only place for families to come out here. Kid wise, this is the place to be.”

However, Big Spring’s Community Services Director, Hayley Herrera, says the improvements were necessary. “You know, you can’t have these kinds of assets to a community and not do anything to fix them up and make sure that they’re long-lasting.”

But overall, residents say it was worth the wait. Moss Creek Lake is back open – better and cleaner than ever.

“There used to be a lot of glass, a lot of trash, it used to be really rough out here, but they’ve cleaned it up,” said Pearson. “It’s the first time we’ve been since they cleaned it up and so far it’s been 100% nicer,” added Mike Deax.

Herrera says the city expects to see an even larger influx of people visiting this summer.

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