Monica’s Law presented in Austin


With the Texas Legislature moving forward, one bill looks to make a difference for those who suffer from domestic abuse.

“It’s a proud moment. Monica’s law can do a lot of good for a lot of people,” says Texas State Representative Brooks Landgraf.

Filed by Landgraf, the proposed Monica’s Law would create a database of domestic abusers across the state. Wednesday the legislation was brought in front of the House Committee of Homeland Security and Public Safety.

“This time next week we will be asking for a vote out of the committee and I do believe we have enough support,” says Landgraf.

This week in Austin, Landgraf brought along Jon Nielsen, the father of the woman this bill is named after.

“Mr. Nielsen was able to provide some very compelling testimony to the members of the committee and I believe it was very well received,” he said.

Landgraf says Monica’s Law still has a way to go through the Texas Legislature. But he is confident that soon enough, Monica’s Law won’t just be a bill anymore.

“To get it up to this level is always very satisfying. So we are very excited about it, but there is more work to be done. But today was definitely a good day,” said Landgraf.

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