Mohsin Syed found guilty in sexual assault case


“His 20 years of life in Midland are ruined, his 20 years of building a name for himself, of gaining people’s trust are ruined,” said Syed’s son, Adam Syed. 

Mohsin Syed has been found guilty by a jury for the sexual assault of one of his former patients. Dr. Syed had his own practice, Medical Spa of Midland, which he opened years ago. Even though a jury found him guilty Thursday, his son and a group of friends, family, and patients, believe he’s innocent.

“I am who I am because of him..” son, Adam Syed said, “I learned how to be an honorable man because of who he is. If he is capable of that, I am not who I am. He is not capable of that.” 

Supporters who attended the trial say it took the jury little time to come up with their guilty verdict. One of Syed’s long time patients believes the jury had made up their mind before the trial even started because of accusations made on social media.

“There was no evidence really, ” said a women who is only going by “Jan”. “It was hear say, that’s what I felt. I think it’s totally wrong, I think he’s been more or less railroaded.” 

Assistant District Attorney Bonita Tribble, says both sides agreed to a plea deal. Syed will serve 12 years concurrently for the sexual assault charge and two other charges. 

Syed will go through sentencing for the other cases against him tomorrow. 

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