MMH to pregnant women: ‘Please get vaccinated’



MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- Doctors at Midland Memorial Hospital are urging pregnant women to talk to their doctors and considering getting the coronavirus vaccine. 

This comes after a pregnant mom with the virus lost her baby earlier this week.

“We’ve had some recent complications related to pregnant women with COVID within the last forty-eight hours with a fetal demise,” said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Larry Wilson. “An unvaccinated pregnant woman lost her baby, potentially related to COVID. We don’t know that for sure, but it’s a high risk.”

Wilson said being pregnant with the virus carries a greater amount of risk. 

“By virtue of the nature of a pregnancy, the rising up of the diaphragm, and the respiratory status compromise that goes on with being pregnant. Pregnant women with COVID are at a much greater risk of having compromise and having other complications,” Wilson said. 

Doctors at MMH say the risk of a pregnant woman of getting infected with the virus outweighs any risk associated with the vaccination.

“The risk of being infected with COVID when pregnant is far greater than the risk of a vaccination,” Wilson said. “Please get vaccinated.”

As of Tuesday, MMH said it is caring for two laboring mothers with coronavirus. Overall, the hospital has 95 COVID-19 patients in its care. 20 of those are on ventilators. The patients range in age from 19 to 87. 

As hospitalizations continue to rise, the hospital is again asking anyone coming to the ER to come only if they need emergent care. All others should see their primary physician or visit an urgent care center. And those coming to the ER for a COVID-19 test are asked to skip the ER, and instead, call 68NURSE to be directed to a testing center. 

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