MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – A Midland High School student was arrested after marijuana and a firearm were found in the student’s backpack.

According to a release from MISD, a teacher notified administrators when she detected the smell of marijuana in the classroom. Campus administrators then responded to the classroom and alerted MISD Police Department dispatch. An officer responded immediately with a trained police dog. After the dog indicated the presence of drugs in the backpack, the administrator inspected the backpack further and located a firearm.

MISD says they are grateful for the immediate action taken by the teacher, administrators, and campus police to ensure the situation was handled quickly and safely.

MISD continued by saying all violations of the law or Student Code of Conduct will be immediately addressed and the students will be held responsible for their actions. If students are suspicious about illegal activity, or anything which prevents a safe learning environment, they are encouraged to leave an anonymous tip.