MISD Parents Advocating For Longer Recess Breaks


Midland Independent School District parents are getting together to talk to school principals about getting longer recess breaks for their children.

Currently, most MISD students get 15 minutes per day.

Summer Belloni, is a former educator, a Midland mom, and the founder of Permian Kids, she says 15 minutes just isn’t enough time so she took the issue to the district.

With Belloni starting the conversation with schools, other parents have gotten involved and decided to talk to their kids principals also.

“The more you have scheduled, unstructured outdoor breaks, the easier it is for our kids to actually focus because they are able to get a brain break, their able to get outside and play,” said Belloni.

Belloni said she has done a lot of research about the benefits of recess breaks for kids between kingergarden and 6th grade.

“When kids are outside playing, they make up their own games, they make up their own rules and really they have to solve a lot of their own problems,” said Belloni, “having an unstructured recess time gives them an opportunity to really learn about social interactions.”

“Run around, like sometimes do races, play tag and stuff like that,” said 5-year-old Zachary Belloni.

In addition to learning about social interactions, Belloni said it increases social emotional wellness at school and decreases behaviors inside the classroom.

Belloni said she would like to see the time increased from 15 minutes to match other schools in the area.

“Their getting one 30 minute or two 15 minutes so we are really hoping to encourage principals to look at those models to see if something like that would fit,” said Belloni.

5-year-old, Zachary Belloni said his favorite thing to do at recess is run around, and he also helped explain some of the benefits of being outside.

“To get your wiggles out and get your exercise,” said Zachary Belloni.

Belloni said she spoke with MISD superintendent Orlando Riddick and he said no additional recess will be mandated as those decisions are up to the principals at each school.

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