MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Midland’s next mayor, Mayor-Elect Lori Blong says she’s ready to get down to business and will start by getting the city of Midland back to the basics.

“I want to sit down with the council and talk about what the big priorities are right now, and what we see as the main headwinds and hurdles for us. And then let’s prioritize and make sure we’re taking care of infrastructure and specific needs related to police and fire, and just the basics of the community,” said Mayor-Elect Blong.

The mayor-elect also says she is passionate about growing the Tall City, but within its means so Midland can take care of itself.

“We need to constantly have a focus on water and long-term water security for our community. That always needs to be a priority in Midland and we have to mayor and city council that see that,” said Mayor-Elect Blong.

And while Midland’s next mayor says she knows she was elected because of her accomplishments and love for the city and not her gender, she is proud to be Midland’s first female mayor because it allows her to be a role model for young women across West Texas.

“I’m excited to have the conversations with young women in our community who have already begun to reach out to me and congratulate me,” said Mayor-Elect Blong.

Mayor-Elect Blong will officially become Mayor Blong next January.