Midland’s Little Free Pantry has a new home

Midland's Little Free Pantry

Screen capture: Midland’s Little Free Pantry

MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – “Whatever you do for one of the least, you did for me.”

It’s a quote you won’t be able to miss while driving by Midland’s Little Free Pantry. A spot in Midland where people like Dora Leal can stop by and get the food they need.

“It will help on your spending money at the grocery store, when it’s really hard right now,” she said.

Midland’s Little Free Pantry has a new home.

“We were so excited because we got it back up, we have a new location for it,” said Patricia Hernandez.

It’s called the blessing box. You can find it right in front of the Midland Baptist Crisis Center. The box is on the corner of Florida and Baird.

“I had this idea for this pantry five years ago, through friends and family, we were able to build it and bring it for the community as a way to fill the need,” said Hernandez.

Earlier this year, the blessing box had to be moved.

“We actually were scouting the area, my partner Ms. Carrie and I came and talked to Michelle, the manager here [Midland Crisis Center],” she said. “I asked her if she would graciously allow us to continue helping the community.”

Michelle Martinez didn’t hesitate to welcome the blessing box with open arms.

“It’s just a great addition to the service we already provide, it’s open 24 hours a day so that people can come, give, receive when they need it,” Martinez said.

People can come and donate non-perishable groceries at any time.

“Well, my dad used to own a grocery store and they would always give food away to people who really needed it,” Carrie Powell said.

Powell has been helping fill up the pantry for several years.

“Especially with groceries and inflation – the way it is – a lot of people can’t afford to feed their whole families this year,” she said.

Midland’s Little Free Pantry will accept donations of goods that have a long shelf life.

Hernandez said, “we have seen how this has impacted our community on such a great scale.”

It’s great for many families in need.

“If we don’t have a lot of money, we can come here and pick up what we need,” said Leal. “That’s a lot of help when you got kids to feed.”

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