MIDLAND, Texas–The City of Midland is excited to announce a big, new makeover. Pioneer Natural Resources announced a huge partnership with the City of Midland to help redevelop Hogan Park.

The company announced a $2.5 million dollar commitment towards a new partnership that will help redevelop 128 acres of Hogan Park. This pledge will create a fully reimagined park, surrounded by many new facilities.

Quality of Place Hogan Park Initiative Campaign Co-Chair, Lori Blong says, “We’re going to be putting in all kinds of new facilities for baseball softball, multipurpose fields for football and soccer and other uses, and a splash pad, additional playgrounds and then also this Pioneer Pavilion that we’re very excited about.”

With companies like Pioneer committing to the partnership, the fundraising for the new park has gone rather smoothly, bringing the start of renovations closer every day.

According to Midland City Councilman in District 4, Jack Ladd, “In three months we’ve raised half the money that we need to get this park accomplished so we’re really really pleased with the turnaround and having companies like Pioneer and Diamondback and the Schreiber Foundation all contribute as well as the city of midland contributing, we think we’re well on our way so as soon as were done with that phase, I think that it’ll be a fairly quick turnaround.”

This past month, Pioneer Natural Resources donated 35 acres of land to the community and they say with another opportunity to help those around them, they could not have been more eager.

Pioneer Natural Resources Senior Manager of Public Affairs, ReenAnn Rutter mentions, “When we heard about the revitalization project here at Hogan Park, we quickly knew that we wanted to be a part of seeing this incredible vision come to fruition.”

And while the park will bring tons of joy and happiness to the community, it will also be a huge investment all around.

“We’re competing with places like the Metroplex. We’re competing with Houston, Austin, Round rock, you name it. This will allow us to put heads in beds and therefore get more revenue to put money into parks and roads and things that we actually need here in the city. So, I look at this as a financial investment as well as a quality of place investment,” says Ladd.

The city is looking to have this fully funded by next year and many representatives of the city say they cannot wait to get started on revamping a part of Midland.