Midlanders react to high school name change


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24) – After a six to one vote by the Midland ISD board of trustees to officially rename Robert E. Lee High School, Chon Brown, a Midland resident,
said he doesn’t approve of this change.

“If they wanted to do this there’s a right way for them to have done it,” Brown said. “A couple of my friends won state playing football for them. I mean what does that do to the history of it you know
they’ve grown up in this city for 40 years and the Midland Lee name meant something.”

Brown said he understands the controversial history behind Robert E. Lee, But he believes changing a school name should have been up to the public.

“I just think they should have let the city decide it and take it to a vote,” Brown said. ” And for seven men to decide it., it’s not right.”

Other Midlanders like Gabriela Reyes said this new change will be a challenge to school alumni, who will need to put their school’s name on their resume.

” What do you do? Like what do you say,” Reyes said. “I went to a school that was formally know as this? To me it’s just confusing.”

Reyes said while honoring Robert E. Lee is controversial, she doesn’t believe that history should have been connected to the school.

” I mean I understand the past, I understand it was horrible what happened to people.” Reyes said. ” But does is the name the one that did it? Was it the school who did that?”

But since Midland Lee will have a new name, Reyes said just removing a school’s name may not be the answer for change.

“Is that all it’s gonna take to make people happy? If it can do that then I approve it, I’m with them.” Reyes said. “But if it’s not,then we’ve got a long way of fixing things.”

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April 22 2021 09:00 am