MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – Juneteenth celebrations are underway in the basin. All weekend Midlander’s have been gathering at Washington Park ahead of the holiday.

But besides enjoying food from local vendors they’re also getting ready for Saturday’s big parade.

“The parade is going to start at Travis Elementary which is now IDEA public, it’s going to go down Lamesa St. down here on Indiana Dr. and everybody is going to eat, celebrate and enjoy the programs,” said Jashe Fuller.

The parade is open to anyone and organizers say they hope it brings more people together.

“I hope to see all different colors, creeds, races whatever,” said Joseph Williams. Everybody is welcome, so I am hoping to see some nice rides some nice floats.”

And those involved with all the celebrations want others to learn about the meaning behind Juneteenth.

“As Americans, as African Americans in particular, I hope people take away that it’s all about unity it’s all about freedom.” Fuller said.

If you would like to be a part of the Juneteenth parade, there’s a $10 admission fee per car and be sure to line up at Travis Elementary School by 9:30 A.M.