MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Former radio and television news personality Jeremy Jones, 51, was arrested earlier this week on two outstanding warrants, one for violating the terms of his probation and another for violating a protective order. Jones was previously arrested in March after police said he assaulted his wife over the course of several days.

Jones was taken into custody on March 23. An arrest affidavit obtained by ABC Big 2 News following that arrest showed that in February, officers with Midland Police Department spoke with a woman who told them her husband, identified as Jones, had assaulted multiple times. The victim said on February 19, Jones, who was upset over text messages from 15 years ago, slapped her across the face during a verbal argument.

She said he slapped her again on February 24. The victim said on that occasion, the slap hurt considerably more and left her with ringing in her ears. She said Jones was “upset and jealous” and that he threatened to “knock her teeth out”. 

On February 26, the victim stated that Jones, while intoxicated, pushed her to the ground and then grabbed her by her hair and dragged her across the floor. Jones reportedly then spit on his wife multiple times and then urinated on her. Soon after, the victim said she tried to go to sleep, but Jones got on top of her and slapped her and then punched her multiple times. Following that assault, Jones reportedly told his victim, “One of us isn’t going to make it out alive from this relationship”. 

The victim then said on February 28, Jones started arguing with her and slapped her once again. She said he also grabbed her by the arms and left bruises. Photos from that day showed multiple bruises, the affidavit stated. 

In addition to the photos, police also obtained documents from an emergency room where the victim was treated for Post-Concussive Syndrome. PCS is a condition typically associated with head injuries and may cause headache, dizziness, and vomiting, according to the Concussion Legacy Foundation

The victim told officers she wanted to request a protective order against Jones who had previously been convicted of family violence in December of 2013.

Following that arrest, Jeremy was released on an unknown bond and court records showed a judge did grant a temporary restraining order. However, the victim later stated Jones violated that protective order multiple times. According to an affidavit, that order specified that Jones was not to have any manner of contact with the victim or her family.

Court records show that on June 1, Jones’ estranged wife, who has filed for divorce since his initial arrest, petitioned the court for a two-year restraining order. It is unclear if that request has been granted. 

However, in her petition, the victim stated Jones has been abusing her physically and sexually since just before they were married in June of 2020. That abuse included instances where Jones reportedly slapped and punched his victim, as well as threw beer cans at her, intentionally damaged her belongings, and harassed her about her past relationships through a barrage of daily text messages. 

The victim also cited multiple ways Jones has violated the initial, temporary restraining order. Those violations included multiple and continuous text messages to the victim as well as her parents. 

In a statement to police, the victim also said Jones has been using her electronic devices, which he refused to return, to log into her Facebook, iCloud, and email accounts. Additionally, Jones was accused of keeping mail from his wife, including a Victim’s Impact Packet and letter sent from the District Attorney’s office. 

The victim also reported that in April, Jones parked outside their shared home and watched while she was there to move some of her belongings. The victim stated that prior to her being allowed into the home, Jones removed many of her personal belongings. Then, after a court order which said Jones had to surrender the home to his wife on May 1, Jones reportedly locked all the keys inside the home and kept the master key. The victim reported to MPD she had to climb through a window to gain access to her home. 

And on May 3, 7, and 9, Jones, who owns a smart home technology company in Midland, reportedly used Google Home to change the thermostat in his wife’s home. Additionally, the victim told police Jones still has access to the home’s Nest cameras. According to her statement to police, the victim said Jones uses her devices to stalk her both physically and electronically. 

Jones was arrested on June 8 after warrants stemming from these violations were issued. While jail records initially showed bond for Jones had been set at a combined $30,000, a later search revealed he was released on his own recognizance.