MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- A Midland man was arrested earlier this month after investigators said he allegedly assaulted an officer who was investigating a complaint about loud music. Robert Humphreys, 56, has been charged with Assault of a Peace Officer and Resisting Arrest. 

According to an affidavit, around 12:21 a.m. on November 17, an officer with the Midland Police Department was called to a home on Stutz Drive after someone called 911 to complain about loud music coming from the home. When the officer arrived on the scene, he said he tried to knock on the door, but his knocking could not be heard over the noise. The officer then looked in a window and saw a man, later identified as Humphreys, sitting on the couch; the officer then used his flashlight to get the man’s attention. 

The officer stated when Humphreys answered the door, he asked him to turn his music down, but still could not be heard. Humphreys then reportedly approached the officer in an aggressive manner, grabbed the officer’s arm, and slapped him in the face.

After a brief scuffle, the officer said he took Humphreys to the ground and tried to place him in handcuffs; an action that Humphreys allegedly resisted. Soon, another officer arrived on the scene to help, and Humphreys was taken into custody without further incident. He was later released from jail on a $26,000 bond.