Midland Urgent Care partners with local businesses to give free bike helmets to children


Snow cones, face painting, and bike rides, for many residents in Midland Summer is off to a great start.”We’re outside in our neighborhood riding around and it’s fun to see other families out riding around too,” says Midland mom Deanna Flader.

For Flader and her family quality time during the Summer months is often spent on bike rides. So safety while riding those bikes is a top priority for her family. 

Flader says ”it’s very important you know safety is number one, always,  especially for our kids and our community.”

A message Dr. Beck  of Midland can’t stress enough because even though bike rides are fun the dangers that come with them can be unpredictable. 

Dr. Terry L. Beck with Westex Urgent Care says ”it’s kinda like a seat belt in a car, you never know when that accident can happen and if you don’t have that helmet on and you fall down your chances of getting injured, at least head injured, are much more likely if you don’t have your helmet on.”

One parent says sometimes kids need to hear the message from someone else. ”It’s wonderful coming from somebody besides mom or dad they tend to listen a little bit better,” says Midland mom Ashley Holt.

The Texas Medical Association giving away one helmet to each child who went to the event all in hopes of keeping them a little safer.

The Doctor says ”head injuries in kids can be more severe their skulls aren’t as thick.”

With side effects ranging from mild to severe. ”From you know just a headache, to nausea, to memory loss. The more severe head injuries could be associated with a loss of consciousness.”

This proves, going without a helmet is a risk no kid should take. 

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