Midland resident captures trailer being stolen on camera


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- The woman whose trailer was stolen from in front of her home in Midland said she won’t stop searching for whoever is responsible.

The trailer was taken near Wakefield St. and 114 1/2 St. on Saturday night, this is the second time the trailer is stolen.

The owner preferred not to be identified she said the last time they took her trailer she had someone on Facebook run the thief’s license plate and was able to track it back to someone in Odessa and got it back.

“We locked it up with giant chains a tongue lock they cut it all off. They knew what they were doing it’s not their first time to do it,” she said.

The owner caught it all on camera.

“Pulled up our cameras and we could see a person moving our gate and they took off with it.”

She took the video that shows the thief opening her gate to Facebook and with the help of one of her friends she found her trailer on Facebook Marketplace.

Soon after she found an address where she thought her trailer could be.

“I went to go check it out and it was the same home, but our trailer was gone, ” she said.

While investigating the owner found a few trailers being sold by the same person who had hers up for sale.

“This person has posted over ten other trailers for sale for Facebook,” she said.

The owner said Odessa Police are on the case.

She hopes to get the utility trailer back soon so she can take her kid off-roading again.

If you have any information regarding this case call Midland Police Department.

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