Midland protesters call for unity and empathy


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – A stance in solidarity, a chant many will never fully understand, and one message behind it all.

“We’re not trying to start a riot or any more violence. We’re just trying to get our message across that we are people too. We’re humans and we deserve equality around the whole nation. We should not be treated and killed just because of the color of our skin,” said Latriceia Smith, the Protest Organizer.

For Smith, it’s about making this world a better, more just place for her family.

“My little brothers, my family, my dad it could be anyone, my friends just because of the color of their skin. That’s why I’m out here today because I don’t want my brothers growing up asking me ‘I’m scared, could I be next?'”

She says she felt miss-represented Sunday and it prompted her to organize her own demonstration.

“It involved Trump and confederate flags, and it out ruled what we were really out here for so I would like to have Black Lives Matter more of the picture,” said Smith.

She said it’s difficult to see some of her community against the movement. In addition to the march, they are sending links to people so that they can register to vote as well as other tools to keep people informed.

“Our main message would be that although all lives are equal black lives matter too,” she said.

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